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Calif. DA: Couple Tortured 12 Kids     01/19 06:04

   RIVERSIDE, Calif. (AP) -- They were starved and shackled to their beds, 
sometimes for months. They were beaten and choked. They were given scant 
medical care, often denied use of a toilet and allowed to shower but once a 
year. They lived mostly at night, out of sight of neighbors, and knew virtually 
nothing of the outside world.

   And yet, some of the children of David and Louise Turpin hatched an escape 

   It took two years to carry out but last weekend a 17-year-old girl and her 
sister climbed out of the window of their Southern California home. The other 
girl turned back out of fear but the teen persisted and called 911. That act of 
courage and desperation freed her 12 siblings from a house of horrors that 
shocked police, a prosecutor said Thursday in announcing criminal charges that 
could send the parents to prison for life.

   Prosecutors laid out horrifying details of the allegations but didn't offer 
any theories about the motivation for what they called an escalating climate of 
brutality that began in Texas and ended in a small, close-knit desert town a 
couple of hours southeast of Los Angeles.

   "The victimization appeared to intensify over time," Riverside County 
District Attorney Mike Hestrin said. "What started out as neglect became 
severe, pervasive, prolonged child abuse."

   When sheriff's deputies arrived Sunday at the four-bedroom, three-bathroom 
house on a dead-end street in Perris, they were appalled. They found a 
22-year-old chained to a bed and a house that reeked and contained human waste, 
indicating that the children were prevented from using the toilet, authorities 

   The oldest child, a 29-year-old woman, weighed only 82 pounds and a 
12-year-old was the weight of a typical 7-year-old, Hestrin said.

   David Turpin, 56, and Louise Turpin, 49, pleaded not guilty Thursday to 
multiple counts of torture, child abuse, dependent adult abuse and false 
imprisonment. David Turpin also pleaded not guilty to performing a lewd act on 
a child under age 14.

   They were jailed on $12 million bail each.

   Sharon Ontiveros, 63, stopped by the house with her 3-year old 
granddaughter, who left a stuffed animal with dozens of others on the front 

   "Sure, we're saying we should have known, but behind closed doors you don't 
know what's going on," she said.

   As for the parents, she added: "They deserve no mercy whatsoever."

   Prosecutors say the children range in age from 2 to 29. The torture and 
false imprisonment charges do not include the 2-year-old, who was not 
malnourished. All the children's names begin with the letter J, according to 
court documents that didn't provide their full names.

   David Turpin had worked as an engineer for both Lockheed Martin and Northrop 
Grumman. Louise Turpin identified herself as a housewife in a 2011 bankruptcy 

   The charges include allegations dating to 2010, when the couple moved to 
Riverside County from outside Fort Worth, Texas.

   The abuse began in Texas with the children being tied to beds with ropes and 
then hog-tied, Hestrin said. When one child was able to wriggle free, the 
couple began restraining them with chains and padlocks --- for up to months at 
a time, Hestrin said.

   While the children were deprived of food, the Turpin parents ate well and 
even tormented the children by putting apple and pumpkin pies on the kitchen 
counter, but not letting them have any, Hestrin said.

   Similarly, the children were not allowed to play with toys, though many were 
found throughout the house --- in their original packaging.

   "This is depraved conduct," Hestrin said. "It breaks our hearts."

   David Turpin's father, James, the children's' grandfather, said from his 
home in Princeton, West Virginia, that he did not believe the reports about the 

   "I'm going to talk with the children, find out the real story on this as 
soon as I can get a call through to them," James Turpin told The Associated 

   David Turpin's lawyer, Deputy Public Defender David Macher, had only begun 
to investigate the allegations but said the case was going to be a challenge.

   "It's a very serious case," he said. "Our clients are presumed to be 
innocent, and that is a very important presumption."

   The siblings, who were schooled at home, were rarely seen outside the house, 
though the parents posted photos of them smiling together at Disneyland and in 
Las Vegas, where the couple renewed their wedding vows.

   In addition to raising them largely in isolation, the parents may have been 
able to hide the abuse by functioning while other families slept. The children 
were reared on the graveyard shift, with the family staying up all night and 
going to bed shortly before dawn, Hestrin said.

   One of the only things the children were allowed to do was to write in their 

   Investigators were combing through hundreds of journals found in the home, 
Hestrin said. They are expected to provide powerful evidence against the 


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